Release Stress, Clear Money Blocks, & Get Into Alignment


Mastery & Ascension is the ONLY Sacred Space For Spiritual Entrepreneurs To Receive Master-Level Energy Healing.

1. Watch Live Healings

Enjoy monthly LIVE sessions with Emily plus access 200+ meditations, mini-masterclasses, workshops, and more!

2. Build Confidence

As you practice, your intuition will naturally get stronger and you can stop second-guessing yourself.

3. Attract Abundance

When you're energetically aligned, you get to do what you love, feel your best, AND make incredible income!

In Short: M&A is the closest thing to having me, a master healer with 23+ years experience, at your fingertips with on-demand audio healings anytime you're in need! 

Which might be more than you want to admit...working on visibility, setting boundaries, people pleasing, making decisions, during a stressful launch, raising your rates...shall I keep going!?

"I love Mastery & Ascension! Emily provides great value and knows exactly what we need energy-wise as entrepreneurs. Love it!"

- Wendy Collier

You're here to make an impact, and you deserve to feel fabulous while doing it!


Mastery & Ascension provides a safe space to heal from within and unlock your intuition alongside a
community of spiritual entrepreneurs, just like you.

Truly unique to entrepreneurs!

You'll never find THESE on a mindfulness meditation app...

  • Releasing Imperfection and Increase Your Tolerance To Receive
  • Unlock Your Akashic Records For Wealth
  • Healing People Pleasing

What is Being Out Of Alignment And Burnt Out Costing You?

You've been working your buns off lately, but somehow you're just not seeing the business growth you're after. There's good news and bad news...

The bad news is that you CANNOT fake magnetic energy! Thinking you can just hide your overwhelm, frustrations, and fading confidence behind some makeup and a smile just doesn't work.

The GOOD NEWS is that this is easily one of the most common issues with entrepreneurs.
 You've watched your mentors and peers "hustling" and you got tricked into believing you had to work hard to make money, and that's simply not true.

There's a MUCH easier way and it's called alignment.

Energy is fluid and it can shift in an INSTANT when you have the proper guidance and techniques...and I just happen to have 23 years of experience in this arena, so you're in great hands!


When your energy is blocked significantly it can manifest as feeling overwhelmed, stressed, in physical pain, constipation, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, anger, rage, sadness, anxiety, lethargy and on it goes...


Before you start eye-rolling, consider the fact that your body, your business, and the entire Universe is made up of energy particles...


It's kind of like when you're going on a first date and you're so nervous that you accidentally douse yourself in perfume...


Result? You stink of desperation.


It's EXACTLY the same with your customers.


You desperately want to help them with your incredible products or services, BUT your strung-out, overwhelmed, out-of-alignment energy STINKS so it's costing you thousands of lost dollars every single day, and likely your mental or physical wellbeing!


So, HOW do you clear energy blocks, get into alignment, and grow your business?


As a highly trained professional, I tap into the energy each and every month to better understand what specifically needs to shift to support YOU in your highest alignment.


I do this by sitting in deep meditation with my guides and angels.


The healing work and insights that I channel are often accompanied by:

  • crystals
  • essential oils
  • angel cards
  • animal totems
  • moon phases/practices
  • books
  • rituals for deeper healing and integration
  • PLUS I teach a masterclass if you'd like to dive deeper into the "woo" topics
  • All of this (and more) is exclusively shared every month inside the Mastery & Ascension Membership.


    1. You will instantly feel relief from the stress you've been carrying and tap into the innate power within, connect deep in your soul, and begin unlocking your intuition.
    2. Understand why M&A members keep getting better results with LESS effort just using my proven energy-infused meditations.
    3. Make a much bigger impact, help more people, and literally magnify and manifest anything on your heart.

      You have a choice to make...:

      Do you keep trying to "push" your business to succeed only to be crushed by the overwhelming stress...


      Do you allow yourself to get into ALIGNMENT with your most successful business, far beyond your wildest dreams?

    Is Your Business Suffering Because You're

    Out Of Alignment And Burnt Out?

    • Everything you create
      feels forced
    • The ups and downs of
      running a business feel
    • Your offers feel heavy
      or stressful
    • You're struggling with
      trusting your intuition
    • You're attracting
      customers who aren't
      a good fit
    • You're feeling

    Where Are YOU Holding Onto Stress, Anxiety, or Heaviness?

    "I joined M&A after my mom passed, frankly I was lost .

    Emily and this family has been helping me find my

    intuition and my sparkle/shine 🥰."

    - Michele Molinski

    Meet Your Guide & Energy Healer

    Hi, I'm Emily Aarons! I'm an Intuitive Healer & Business Alignment Coach.

    As a trained energy healer with over 20 years experience, I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs get out of serious stress and overwhelm and into alignment.

    In my experience of treating people holistically, it's only in the clearing of energy blocks where you can actually eliminate pain, fear, stress, and disease.

    Once you clear your sensitive energy field from high doses of stress, you're literally creating an environment of unlimited amounts of joy, freedom, expression, love and abundance...also known as ALIGNMENT!

    Very few coaches understand how to ALIGN their clients' energy, but that's where my work is UNIQUE and so TRANSFORMATIVE.

    Inside the Mastery & Ascension Membership, my work will help you by clearing and releasing energy blocks so you can step fully into your highest alignment, unlock your intuition, and grow your business.

    I've worked with every level from aspiring entrepreneur to 7-figure industry leaders and digital CEO's. Now, I'm ready to assist your healing journey and teach you!

    "The existence of this group is a constant reminder to come back to self. Great people to connect with too!"

    - Abbey Rose

    • LIVE Monthly Energy Healing + Channeled Forecast 
    • LIVE Monthly Group Reading
    • Meditation Vault with 200+ Meditations, Mini-Masterclass, Workshops, and More!
    • Reboot Energy Clearings
    • PDF Spiritual Alignment Guide 


    • M&A Member Business Directory 
    • Weekly Email Accountability
    • Supportive Global Community + Facebook Group
    • Private Podcast 

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    A 3 month Season is
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    Annual Membership


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    • "Soul Book Healings" ($97 value)
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    BONUS #1

    Soulmate Client Workshop with Emily Aarons & Deb Laflamme ($397 Value)

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    Abundance Week

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    "The support and connection in the community is like nowhere else. The meditation library is amazing. I look forward to Emily's live energy healing each month."

    - Denice Martens

    FAQs about Mastery & Ascension


    * What is an Alignment?

    Simply put, alignment is ease, joy, flow, and freedom! It helps you to show up as your best self, to attract all the things you are looking for, and make it easy to live your best life and grow your business.


    * What are the mini-masterclasses?

    Each month to help you dive more into the "woo" with a training. All members get a preview of what trainings are coming each 3-Month Season.

    Topics include: spirit guide communication, astral travel, dream time, and more!


    *What is the "Spiritual Alignment Guide"?

    Once I get the monthly information intuitively, I write it down and then my team compiles these insights into a beautiful PDF for you to print or download.

    The Spiritual Alignment Guide Includes (but is not limited to):

    - Cards from Angels in Your Biz Oracle Deck
    - Moon phase
    - Essential oils, crystals or both to stay in the vibration.

    There will also be a weekly homework assignment for what you should be doing to hold the alignment (like holding your hand and telling you if you do this, you'll feel super good!).


    * When are the LIVE?

    1st of every month, with the channeled energy healing and monthly guidance.

    15th of every month, with Personalized Group Channeling Session. It's a first come, first serve Q&A wherein you can ask me a question and I'll channel information, connect with your guides and give you a message.


    * Where else can I find everything?

    Everything can be found in the private Mastery & Ascension Facebook group as well as the Kajabi portal and Kajabi App.


    * What if I'm not an entrepreneur, can I still join?

    Absolutely! While the majority of our members do own businesses of some type, not all members are entrepreneurs. Everyone who experiences my energy healings benefits immediately no matter your experience level too!


    * What's in the "Current Month Energy Healing Meditation"?

    Every first of the month, I meditate and sit with my guides and ask for information so that you can stay in your highest alignment, hit all of your big breakthrough goals, get more abundance, more clients, and more connections. Then I deliver it LIVE to you!


    * What's the benefit of staying an M&A member?

    Our long-term members have reported increases of clients, improved relationships, and positive changes to their mental and physical health.

    Plus, members have access to all of the healings you need in one easy-to-search location. You can type a topic in the search bar for a meditation you need at that moment.

    If you have no specific meditation in mind, you can browse through them and click a random meditation and it will still be on point for whatever you intend it for.

    I channel Source Healing, so my meditations are timeless - it doesn't matter when you listen to them or what year you use them; the meditations' impact and energy will still be as powerful as it was when I created them.


    * What is the 90-day Reboot Meditation?

    It's a 10-minute meditation you can listen to whenever and wherever you want (whether you're in the shower, driving, cooking, taking a walk outside, or even when you're going to bed).

    Reboot is designed for you to listen to daily for 90 days and it clears your energy system and puts you into alignment.

    This practice has created amazing results and there are Reboot Meditation threads in the All-Access Members' FB Group with testimonials from our members!


    * What is the "Soul Book Healings Collection"?

    This contains meditations designed to clear or release energetic blocks from the past, present, and future, or all lifetimes.

    The collection contains 7 sessions of Soul Book Healings which are pre-recorded audio sessions to provide healing as often as you need it so that you can step into your power and serve. **It is available as a bonus to Annual All-Access members only.


    * What is the "Energy Clearing Kit"?

    This contains more tools to help you with clearing your energy. Emily breaks down each chakra, what each of them does, the colors, the different sensations and also does Energy Clearing for them. **It is available as a bonus to Annual All-Access members only.


    * Do you hook us up with other members who can guide us in the direction of what to do with business, as I am looking to grow my business?

    We have an M&A Member Business Directory that has business listings, location, contact information, your website, how to work with each other, and what they do.


    * Do you offer refunds?

    No, but you can cancel at any time.


    * Can I upgrade to the Annual membership?

    Yes! You will have more healings unlocked for you if you shift to the annual membership. Your annual membership start date will be the day you signed up for the annual membership.


    * I have a question that isn't answered here.

    Please email and we will be happy to help!



    "The meditation library is magical. I can intuit my way

    to just the right meditation, and connect with exactly

    the guidance I need."

    - Carrie Hamm