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Attract More Clients & Abundance Workshop

In this training you will learn how to...

  • Create easy money without seeing clients so you can take time off to play or go on vacation!
  • Tap into your intuition to create a strategy that attracts your soulmate clients.
  • Show up CONSISTENTLY and confidently without pressure (because now you have more than one way to bring in new customers)!

💰 BONUS: All participants will have an opportunity to experience my "Attract Your Soulmate Client" Meditation plus you'll get bonuses worth $1,597!

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Yeah, do you make more money without trading your time?

Eight years ago, I transitioned from massage therapy in a brick-n-mortar into the online space and it felt like I was doing “all the things” but getting nowhere until I discovered evergreen funnels…

I WISH someone taught me this much earlier on because you could be earning hundreds of dollars (or more) every month without having to sell yourself solely through individual sessions.

I've spent endless hours learning what works for a spiritual entrepreneur to help you attract more soulmate clients and make consistent income and I'd LOVE to share these strategies with you...

Best of all, it can work for you whether you're brick-n-mortar, online, or BOTH!

Imagine what could be possible for you when you...

✅ Attract the RIGHT customers who are aligned to work with you FAST!

✅ Introduce an offer and folks are BUYING IMMEDIATELY!

✅ Have recurring income that takes the pressure off of you financially!

Good news, you don't have to keep imagining...I've pulled back the curtain to explain every step of this process in my BRAND NEW interactive training! 🎉

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My 4-Phase Process To Making Money With A Funnel:

1. Brainstorm

Cultivate leads who tell you exactly what they want!

2. Build

Automate lead generation with low-cost simple tech and step-by-step instruction.

3. Execute!

Share your new funnel with the world using 15+ ideas that are proven to get leads!

4. Track

Your metrics will show you where you're growing, what people are buying, and how to scale.

You deserve to feel...

️⭐️ WORTHY of doing what you love AND earning a great living!

️⭐️ CONFIDENT in your ability to help others!

️⭐️ INSPIRED to create offers that keep your soulmate clients coming back again and again!

Join me in Make 💰 With Evergreen Funnels and take the first step towards growing your spiritual business.

You're In The RIGHT PLACE If You Want To...

💰 Make extra money immediately so you can create financial freedom doing what you love!

💸 Turn your "hobby" into a financially abundant business!

🥰 Attract soulmate clients that value your gifts and have no problem paying for your offers.

🤩 Feel empowered to see your value and STOP discounting yourself.

🧲 Quickly shift into an abundance mindset so that SELLING feels more like SERVICE

Whether this is your FIRST funnel or you want to monetize a funnel you've already built...this training is for you!


"Always fabulous, Emily!!"

~ Deb T.

"I love your work!"

~ Melissa R.

What Participants Have To Say...

"This was terrific! Thank you Emily!"

~ Sondra I.

"Thank you 🙏 💖 This was exactly what I needed!"

~Lisa P.

"This has been really helpful!"

~ Amy M.

Hi, I’m Emily!

I'm a leading educator to spiritual entrepreneurs, renowned energy healer, and business coach.

With over two decades of experience blending spirituality and business, it's my mission is to help outstanding practitioners to build a successful and sustainable business.

Everything changed when I started relying on my intuition to help guide my business. It's helped me 10X my revenue, multiply my impact, and create sustainable income for my family.

Join me in Make 💰 With Evergreen Funnels and grow your spiritual business.

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